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Today, our country needs to embrace a path of innovative technological transformation. In this context the MRIC supported by the Ministry of ICTI is learning forward to catalyse growth  and innovation across all sectors.

Minister's Message

“There is no better time to look for creative ways to solve problems for our country with the launch of the National Innovation Campaign and drive the transformations required for our country, our people, our enterprises to emerge stronger from this ordeal.

The potential impact of innovation in supporting social and economic development is dependent on the engagement and maturity of the innovation ecosystems. Innovation challenges have the aim of promoting inclusive development and leveraging local knowledge, solutions and resources.


We all have a role to play in facilitating an enabling environment for innovators to thrive. We have the firm belief that in the global context in which we evolve these days, innovation is central to responding to the multitude of challenges that our country faces. Above all we want to instill a culture of innovation not only within academia and industry but also within the community.”

The Honourable Deepak Balgobin

Minister of Information Technology, Communication and Innovation

Les Assises de la Recherche

et de l'innovation.

27-28 juillet  2022


Amenn to lidé

To inform the Mauritian public about the MRIC’s schemes and incentives, we will be holding roadshows in key locations across the island. This will allow the public to learn more about how we can support them.


Chek mo lidé

An online Q&A will showcase successful projects that have been supported by the MRIC. The presenters showcase their projects conception to completion.


The Idea Fair

A competition will be held for Pre-primary, Primary, and Secondary schools. The teams of students will be able to come forward with innovative ideas and present them  to a panel of judges. 


Les assises 

Les Assises will be a discussion between people, decision-makers, entrepreneurs, etc where they will be discussing the future of Mauritius as a nation of innovators. This discussion will be broadcasted across our digital platforms.



Our upcoming events will give the Mauritian population an opportunity to engage with different entrepreneurs and innovators in different fields. These aim at educating Mauritians about the MRIC’s schemes, nurturing a culture for innovation, and giving them an opportunity to showcase their knowledge and skills.

Have a project to submit?

Visit the MRIC website to explore all the funding opportunities available for research and innovation projects focusing on the development of new or improved products, processes or techniques.

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